Hiking trails

Why hiking?

Because we take care of our health, we want to stay in shape, breathe fresh sea air, strengthen our body.

Because we get to know new and unfamiliar places, stories and customs. Because we love to see unspoiled natural beauty, pine woods, crystal clear sea, fisherman, conquer the peaks with views of the entire Zadar archipelago, mainland and Velebit Mountain. Experience the unique beauty of the island.

Recommended hiking trails

06 TRAIL NO. 6. KUKLJICA – VELI VRH (122 m) – NEHAJ – KALI length: 5,5 km, 2 hours of walk, easy passable trail

16 TRAIL NO. 16. KUKLJICA – ILOVAČA – NEHAJ – SV. PELEGRIN – KALI length: 5 km, 1h and 30’ walk, easy passable trail

17 TRAIL NO. 17. KUKLJICA – SV. JEROLIM – OTRIĆ – KALI length: 5 km, 1h and 20’ walk, easy passable trail

19 TRAIL NO. 19. KUKLJICA – Uvala JELENICA – Uvala SABUŠA – Uvala KUNČABOK – Uvala ZDRELAŠĆICA – GOSPA SNJEŽNA – RT GLAVINA – KUKLJICA length: 6,5 km, 1h 40’ walk, easy passable touristic trail