Feast - ships

P oets such as Tomislav Meštrić, Tomislav Maričić Kukljičanin and Karlo Bačić are big part of cultural life of Kukljica. If you want to enrich your knowledge about islands world, get to know Cakavain words on one of the poetry nights organized under the name “Čakavska besida”. As a memory on summer on island you can take home an original souvenir – collection of poems of Cakavian poetry.

Most significant cultural manifestations on island:

fisherman’s festivities
Our Lady of the Snow feast
Artistic photography exhibitions of local and foreign artists
Cakavian poetry nights – poetry night of Kukljica poets and their guests
Folklore assembles performances

I nternational exhibition of art photography “Island and the sea”

Particularly valuable element of this exhibition is constant improvement in quality of exhibited photographs and applied authors. It is internationally significant due to valuable variety in motives and participants coming from 31 countries worldwide (over 1 600 art pieces all technique and themes). From its beginnings it is held under the sponsorship of International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), Photographic Society of America (PSA), and Croatian society of Photographers from Zagreb and Departement for technical culture of Zadars Županija (county).

INFO: Ms. Ante Jaša foto-klub-kornat@zd.hinet.hr

I nternational art colony in Kukljica

It is one of the several art colonys on Zadar's county (Županija) area. Main motives are islands world and its landscapes representing unique magical junction of shapes, colors and light. Join us and participate in our five years old art colony along side artists from countries such as Slovenia, Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Croatia.

Adel Seyoun art
Adel Seyoun
Barbar Demšar art
Barbara Demšar
Miran Kordez art
Miran Kordež
Manj Vadla art
Manja Vadla
S. Majkus art
S. Majkus
Vladimir Bačić art
Vladimir Bačić
A. Perko art
A. Perko
A. Perko art
A. Perko
Davorin Rojc art
Davorin Rojc