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Island of Ugljan - 52 km2 and 75 km2 well-indented coast lies across the city of Zadar separated only 3 NM wide Zadar canal. Island is covered in green pine woods, macchia, fig trees, grape vine and foremost olive trees.
 Sea-oriented and living off seafaring and fishery for generations with 2000 years old tradition of olive growing which left several thousand of olive trees across the island that produce olive oil of exceptional quality and aroma. On the northeast side of the island we find some of the best known fisherman’s villages and touristic places on island; Kukljica, Kali, Preko and Ugljan. The other side of the island is mostly bluff and uninhabited and with its coves, islands and rich off-shore is a true challenge for divers and sport fisherman. Particularly popular are the coves of Big and Small Lamjana and Sabuša on the southwest end of the island. The mountainous but tamed inland of the island consists of a number of trails perfect for hiking and cycling…
Mediterranean landscape lovers can enjoy the unforgettable panoramic views such as the one from Venetian fortress of St. Michaels from 13th century. Island offers insight in Roman period with its remains, early Croatian churches, monasteries, stone island architecture and many villas. Over 2500 hours of sun per year, rocky and sandy beaches, crystal clear sea, and different possibilities for accommodation and gastronomic delights as well as excellent ferry lines to Zadar and Biograd are just few of the reasons you should visit and stay on the island of Ugljan.





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Welcome to web pages of Tourist Board of Kukljica! It is our honor to welcome You in the name of all tourist workers in Kukljica, a place with a long tourist tradition. We hope with us you will find your ideal vacation spot.
Charm and new visions of Kukljica as well as amiable hosts will make your stay filled with unique experiences of islands world. Visit us, experience the beauty of preserved island nature and spend memorable moments of your vacation in our small place for big holiday.




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