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Although island destination, good traffic connctions with cities of Zadar and Biograd represent another encouragment to visit Kukljica.


Kukljica is connected by road and ferry through Preko on the island of Ugljan with Zadar. It is possible to use personal or public transportation (buses). The bridge over the Cove Ždrelaščica plays significant role in traffic because it connects islands of Ugljan and Pašman. Through the island of Pašman public transportation by buses and ferry is organized. From Tkon it connects island of Pašman with short distanced city of Biograd.

Transportation by car:
-    From Austria and Hungary through Zagreb, Zadar or Biograd
-    From Italy through Rijeka, Zadar or Biograd. From Zadar ferry goes to Preko (island Ugljan), and from Biograd ferry goes to Tkon (island Pašman).
-    Preko – Kukljica 5 km
-    Kukljica – Tkon 25 km



Distance from Zadar:
Split 169 km         Budapest   708 km
Rijeka 224 km         Milano   736 km
Zagreb 288 km         München   799 km
Trst 305 km         Stuttgart   1014 km
Dubrovnik    377 km         Zürich   1029 km
Graz 524 km         Berlin   1404 km
Wien 707 km         Paris   1687 km


By boat
Local lines from Rijeka or Dubrovnik to Zadar
From Italy with international lines Ancona-Zadar and Ancona-Split and

By train:
From all European destinations through Zagreb to Train station in Zadar and further on by ferry to Preko or Tkon and by bus to Kukljica.
By plain:
From all destinations worldwide through Zagreb and Split or directly to Zadar’s Airport in Zemunik, further on by ferry to Preko or Tkon and by car/bus to Kukljica.





Dear guests and friends,
Welcome to web pages of Tourist Board of Kukljica! It is our honor to welcome You in the name of all tourist workers in Kukljica, a place with a long tourist tradition. We hope with us you will find your ideal vacation spot.
Charm and new visions of Kukljica as well as amiable hosts will make your stay filled with unique experiences of islands world. Visit us, experience the beauty of preserved island nature and spend memorable moments of your vacation in our small place for big holiday.




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