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Why hiking? Because we take care of our health, and we want to stay in shape, breathe fresh sea air, strengthen our body. Because we get to know new and unfamiliar places, stories and customs. Wishing to hear a new detail, see something others have missed and get to know place we stay in. Because we love to see unspoiled natural beauty, pine woods, crystal clear sea, fisherman, conquer the peaks with views of the entire Zadar archipelago, neighboring islands, mainland and Velebit Mountain. Experience the unique beauty of the island.
Lungomare (seafront) paths are intended to widest circle of lovers of walking. They stretch along the coastline of the stream passing through many coves and centuries old pine woods. Other side of the island is connected with the village of Kukljica with easy hiking trails overlapping islands beautiful inland. One’s attention is especially drawn by the trails that run through olive groves and pine woods.  More demanding hiking trails are intended exclusively for active hikers. They include steeper sections and in some parts can be difficult to pass through.  Trails attractions are intact nature and numerous viewing spots that provide magnificent view of Zadar archipelago.

General information

More demanding hiker trails require hiking footwear, and hikers are obligated to carry water or juices especially during summer months. Do not, by any circumstances, demolish centuries old stone drywalls (MOCIRE). If by any chance some stones collapse, put it back where it belongs. If you have a chance to encounter any animal, act naturally, stay still and observe. Do not take impenetrable trails, many side roads and paths on the island are derelict and not usable. Toss you anchor and forget all your worries … In the shadows of pines and cypresses slowly breathe mild and clean air … Let your view get lost somewhere on the blue sea.

Recommended HIKING TRAILS:

•    TRAIL NO 6. KUKLJICA – VELI VRH (122 m) – NEHAJ – KALI long: 5,5 km, 2 hours of walk, easy passable trail
•    TRAIL NO 16. KUKLJICA – ILOVAČA – NEHAJ – ST. PELEGRIN –KALI long: 5 km, 1h and 30’ walk, easy passable trail
•    TRAIL NO 17. KUKLJICA – ST. JEROME (JEROLIM) – OTRIĆ – KALI long: 5 km, 1h and 20’ walk, easy passable trail
•    TRAIL NO 19. KUKLJICA – Cove JELENICA – Cove SABUŠA – Cove KUNČABOK – Cove ŽDRELAŠĆICA – OUR LADY OF THE SNOW (GOSPA SNJEŽNA) – CAPE GLAVINA – KUKLJICA long: 6,5 km, 1h 40’ walk, easy passable touristic trail

On your disposal are also CYCLING TRAILS:
TRAIL NO 1. KUKLJICA – NEHAJ – KALI – DRAGE – KANALI – GRUŠINE –TURKIJA – DOCI – Cove PRTLJUG – UGLJAN (Hospital) – LJOKINE – GUDUĆE – UGLJAN long: 21,5 km, medium cycling trail





Dear guests and friends,
Welcome to web pages of Tourist Board of Kukljica! It is our honor to welcome You in the name of all tourist workers in Kukljica, a place with a long tourist tradition. We hope with us you will find your ideal vacation spot.
Charm and new visions of Kukljica as well as amiable hosts will make your stay filled with unique experiences of islands world. Visit us, experience the beauty of preserved island nature and spend memorable moments of your vacation in our small place for big holiday.




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