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Most of hidden cove´s offers possibility of one day excursions by boats to nearby small islands such as Mišnjak, as well as neighbour islands of Zadar archipelago Iž, Sestrunj, Rivanj and Dugi otok. For most of the sea fans there are organized panoramic excursions by panoramic boats.
More information about organizing excursions you can get at the tourist office or at the reception of holiday resort Zelena Punta, and directly on boats.
Location of Kukljica and island Ugljan allows you to make excursions on the coast or in the hinterland.
In the circle of 100 to 150km there are lots of beautiful islands, interesting old cities, national parks and protected parks of nature. Zadar and Biograd are the closest, where you can easily get because of the often ferry lines.
Not so far away are two nature parks: „Velebit“ and „Vransko lake“, and three national parks: „Paklenica“, „Krka“, and „Plitvice lakes“.


-    Fortress St. Mihovil, 263m high, asphalt road
-    Free climbing Željina 219m
-    Sightseeing of old town Zadar
-    Visit Biograd n/m
-    Nature park „Telašćica“ and NP „Kornati“
-    NP „Krka“
-    NP „Plitvice lakes“


-    Muline: villa rustica from 1 or 2 century aD
-    Ugljan: convent of St. Hieronymus, built in 1430, church of St. Kosmas and St. Damien
-    Lukoran: castle of the family de Ponte from 17th century
-    Sutomišćica: famous baroque castle of the family Lantana 17th century
-    Preko: island of Galevac (Skoljić) with francisian convent from 15 th century, fortress St. Mihovil 263m high, atractive panoramic views of Zadar and its archipelago
-    Kali: the most famous fisherman place on island
-    Kukljica: traditional archiceture, sailing and fisherman boats in the harbour





Dear guests and friends,
Welcome to web pages of Tourist Board of Kukljica! It is our honor to welcome You in the name of all tourist workers in Kukljica, a place with a long tourist tradition. We hope with us you will find your ideal vacation spot.
Charm and new visions of Kukljica as well as amiable hosts will make your stay filled with unique experiences of islands world. Visit us, experience the beauty of preserved island nature and spend memorable moments of your vacation in our small place for big holiday.




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